Subscription for computer maintenance and service

Correct-PC offers subscribtion plans for computer maintenance and service which both corporate clients and private persons can take advantage of.

The offered subscribtion plans include differеnt services. You can choose the most suitable plan for you or your Company. You are wellcome to contact us and get help with the choice:

Those packages include the number of computers, including laptops available. Printers, fax machines, scanners, etc. do not count as a computer in the determination of the packages.

Terms of subscription

Subscribtion agreement can be made for 6 or 12 months. Discontinuation of a subscribtion precedes 1 month notice and the client pays a penelty for breaking a contract worth 10% of the remaining month fees. After expiration date a new agreement can be made.

On signing a subscribtion contract a client prepays a month fee before the 5th of the respective month. If signing a contract after the 5th a fee is calculated for the remaining days of the month. Payment is made by banktransfer or cash in the office of Correct-PC. If a tax is not paid for a current month Correct-PC reserves the right to limit its services until a payment is made.

Promotions and discounts

  • New clients have the possibility of signing a 1 month agreement in order to test the quality of the services whereupon a 6 or 12 month subsription can be signed or the client can refuse further services without paying any taxes or fees.
  • A client can jump over 1 month service annualy and not pay a tax for that month - most suitable in the summer period.
  • On signing a subscription contract for 12 months Correct-PC offers 5% discount.