Laptop repairs

Laptop and portable PC repair, parts replacement, reinstallations and more depending on the mulfunction.
If your laptop needs a repair we can offer the following:

- full or partial diagnostics;
- hardware replacement;
- OS reinstallation (drivers);
- laptop repair with OS Windows, (XP, Vista, Windows 7), Linux under different distributions, Mac OS;
- dustcleaning of fans, radiators, cleaning from cock-roaches etc.;
- laying new thermpaste for CPU;
- upgrade - adding additional RAM, HDD, CPU etc.;

The time for repairing your laptop depends on the service you choose*:

- normal - up to 48 hours;
- fast - up to 24 hours (plus 10lv added to the price);
- express - at once (plus 20% added to the price);

*The given times are valid under the condition that no previous order of spareparts are needed which requires more time.

All prices include VAT

Prices for standart laptop service and repair

Price incl. VAT

Mainboard component replacement (powersupply jack, USB port, audio input/output)

45.00 lv

Complete diagnostics

40.00 lv

Memory replacement or upgrades(RAM)

17.00 lv

Hard disk replacement no data recovery

15.00 lv

Hard disk replacement data recovery up to 30 GB

48.00 lv

Hard disk replacement data recovery over 30 GB

48.00 lv + 1lv/1GB.

CPU replacement

45.00 lv

Mainboard repair

115.00 lv

Mainboard replacement

70.00 lv

Display replacement

55.00 lv

Hinge repair

50.00 lv

Keyboard replacement

29.00 lv

Keyboard repair

39.00 lv

CD/DVD replacement

25.00 lv

Single component diagnostics

15.00 lv

The offered prices include 20% VAT, we give invoices for the payments which can be made through a bank transfer or cash.

For laptop repair, upgrade or parts replacement you are wellcome to contact us for a preliminary consultation or visit the Correct-PC office.