Sale of computers, computer components, toners

Correct-PC offers new and used computers and laptops as well as assembling computer configurations on request.

We offer used computers for reasonable prices (HP Compaq, HP DC 530 SFF,HP DC 7100 SFF and more). We have wide range of new desktop PCs and portable PCs and laptops.

In case you wish to buy single component for your computer we offer:

- CPU (Intel, AMD);
- Video card (NVidia, Ati Radeon);
- RAM (Kingstone, Kingmax, Corsair and more.);
- HDD (Western Digital, SeaGate, Hitachi, Samsung);
- Powersupply (Fortron, THERMALTAKE, CoolerMaster, Sprite);
- fans, keyboards, displays(Samsung, LG, Sony, Phillips, EIZO),mouses;
- optical drive(CD, DVD, BlueRay);

We also offer new toners for printers, fax as well as loading toner cartridges.