Repair service for computers and laptops Sofia

Repair service for desktop PCs, laptops and other computer equipment.

Correct-PC offers services in the field of computer repairs and maintenance, also selling new and used computer configurations and peripherals as requested. We deliver fast service at competitive prices.

We offer repair of the following trade-marks: Acer, Toshiba, HP, Fujitsu-Siemens, Sony, Lenovo, IBM, LG, BenQ, Hyundai, Dell, COMPAQ etc. Besides the standard repair and maintenance we can serve laptops and different kind desktops to recover their work back to normal or to improve their performance.

In order to fully serve you computer or laptop we can replace some fundamental or complementary components such as videocard, mainboard, powersupply, CD, DVD, LAN card etc. and do the needed prophylaxis which makes your computer perform better.

For corporate clients and firms who need a regular service, maintenance and repair of thier computers in the office Correct-pc offers subscription, that includes all needed services.

Services and products:

- repairs and maintenance of desktop PC and laptops:
- diagnostic of malfunctions
- problem removal – part replacement, virus removal, cleaning
- installation and reinstallation of operating systems and software programs
- assembling computer configurations– new and used
- selling computer parts and peripherals on clients request
- multimedia consulting – help with connecting, configuration and exploiting of video, audio and computer
- onsite services and home delivery of computer configurations and products

Correct-PC has as primary objective to be correct, stable and promising partner. To deliver services of best quality in time, to be always accessible and reliable helper to its customers for the Sofia region.

Custumers who have commanded our services recommand us not only because of our accurate prices but also for the fast and high quality service they have received from Correct-pc.