Computer repairs

Computer repair for personal needs or for work. Correct-PC performs repairs of a wide range of computers and laptops in a short time and at reasonable prices. When repairing your computer we may need to replace some hardware components like video card, fan, CPU, mainboard, display, sound card etc.. In that case we use high qality components prooven on the market.

In order to repair your desktop PC or laptop you can choose between the following:

- to take your computer and visit our office
- you can contact us by phone or e-mail and we will visit you at your home or office in order to repair your computer.

We offer complete service and repair in accordance with our clients needs.

Here you can receive information about the prices of the most often requested repair services:

Computer repair and maintenance services

Price incl. VAT


25.00 lv

LAN card replacement

14.00 lv

Sound card replacement

14.00 lv

Video card replacement

16.00 lv

RAM replacement or upgrade

12.00 lv

Adding a harddisk

15.00 lv

Harddisk replacement no data recovery

18.00 lv

Harddisk replacement data recovery up to 30 GB

42.00 lv

CPU replacement

25.00 lv

Mainboard repair

39.00 lv

Mainboard replacement

35.00 lv

Powersupply repair

25.00 lv

Powersupply replacement

18.00 lv

Fan replacement

15.00 lv

Desktop PC dust cleaning and scilesing

29.00 lv

Laptop dust cleaning and scilesing

45.00 lv

Virus and spyware removal

39.00 lv

Data retrieval up to 30 GB

60.00 lv

Data retrieval from damaged hard disk up to 30 GB

89.00 lv

OS Windows cyrillization

15.00 lv

Hard disk multipartitioning, merging and formatting

20.00 lv

All prices are net prices. For juridical persons and corporations we give an invoice for the payment. You can pay cash or through a bank transfer.

The time for repairing your computer depends on the service you choose*:

- normal - up to 48 hours;
- fast - up to 24 hours (plus 10lv added to the price);
- express - at once (plus 20% added to the price);

*The given times are valid under the condition that no previous order of spareparts are needed which requires more time.

In order to repair your computer and recover its normal performance you can contact us or visit our office.

In case you wish to send an inquiary by phone or e-mail, you are wellcome to do so!