Computer services

Additional computer services that we offer besides repair you can find below. If you need more information about our services you can contact us by phone or e-mail in order to give you some advice.

Computer services offered by Correct-PC:

Prophylaxis and cleaning of computers and laptops

In order for your desktop PC or laptop to perform best and to avoid problems with system blocking or overloading, virus infections or spy ware attacks, a promising protection and regular prophylaxis is recommended. Correct-PC is at your service.

Correct-PC offers prophylaxis and cleaning of computers and laptops, complete prophylaxis and cleaning, cleaning of computers and laptops after exposure to spilling a liquid (Coffee, Coke, juce etc.), food, dust or to a hard mechanical force. We check the condition of the RAM, the HDD and other components.

If your laptop or computer has been exposed to spilling a liquid we strongly advise to immediately take out the battery, to turn off the powersupply (so that no electricity is beeing transfered to the laptop or computer) and to contact us in our open hours (8:00 to 19:00 workingdays, 10:00 to 16:00 Sutherdays)by phone or e-mail.

Replacement of computer hardware

Total replacement or replacement of single elements of your desktop PC or laptop.

Installation of computer software, programs and games

In order to install software and applications that require license you have to have such. Correct-PC will do the complete installation and if more resources are needed for your computer to be able to run the software we are going to offer you the best solution.

Prices for installations

Price incl. VAT

Installation and reinstallation of OS Windows with clients CD

29.00 lv

Setting up OS Windows

18.00 lv

Installation of Antivirus program with clients CD

15.00 лв

Installation of MS Office with clients CD

15.00 lv

Software installation on request

10.00 lv

Drivers installation for any components

18.00 lv

Drivers installation for single component

10.00 lv

Assembling PC configurations

Assembling PC configurations from separate components on request. The PC assembling may be done for different reasons and purposes. We can offer you "more powerful" configurations for games or a specialized software that needs more resources.

Price for accembling PC configuration

Price incl. VAT

Assembling PC configuration

40.00 лlv

Computer networks

Correct-PC offers complete construction and configuration of computer networks in the office, for personal use, configuring settings for routers, connecting to peripheral devices (printers, faxes, scanners etc.)

Prices for setting up a computer network

Price incl. VAT

Setting upp a home or office network up to 4 access points

48.00 lv

Configuring network settings for 1 PC

10.00 lv

Network problems removal

15.00 lv

Wireless router configuration

28.00 lv

Wireless router security configuration

15.00 lv

Setting up a wireless network

30.00 lv

Setting up home theatre, multimedia and surround sound

Besides the computer repair and maintenance services Correct-PC offers you the pleasure of setting up a multimedia centre with surround sound in the office for corporate conference meetings and discussions or setting up a home theatre incl. DVD, computer, TV, Audio system, connection through HDMI, Composite, S-Video etc.

Prices for setting up a multimedia centre

Price incl. VAT

Connecting within 5 meters range

18.00 lv

Configuring settings for 1 access point

а 15.00 lv

For more information about our services you are wellcome to call us or visit our office.